Sublimation (phototransfer) – this technology allows you to transfer any digital image on:

  • ceramics - such as mugs, cups, saucers, mugs, tiles,
  • glass - for example glasses, beer mugs, clocks,
  • textiles - eg T-shirts, bags, aprons, tea towels, bags, mascots,
  • cardboard - eg: puzzles, pads,
  • metal - eg aluminum photo panels, key rings, steel thermal mugs,
  • wood - for example MDF and Hardboard panels, boxes for wine,
  • plastic - eg key rings, fridge magnets, door hangers.

In the internet shop, there is a wide range of products for sublimation such as ceramic mugs, high-quality photo panels of the brand ChromaLuxe, textiles and many different accessories and add-ons. A wide range of products for sublimation is available in the online shop and panel counterparty (only for business entities) .In addition to the rich selection of cups and a variety of gadgets to press flat. We offer products and materials from known manufacturers: ChromaLuxe, Unisub, TexPrint, Sawgrass.

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Photography & Sublimation

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